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Link Roundup for Week of 10/19

This week’s frugal roundup


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  • CVS: Green Bag Tag Earns You ECBs Thanks again to “Jillian”: for this tip! For those of you who have already discovered the magic of collecting ExtraBucks at CVS, you will definitely dig this. Earn extra bucks just by using reusable bags. You should be doing this anyway.
  • Meal planning – The One Hour Experiment – Another one from “Jillian”:! This is a strategic kitchen planning guide for thrown down a meal (sometimes several meals at once) in your kitchen in an hour. The trick is, easy access to staple ingredients.

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Link Roundup – Week of 8/24

This week’s frugal roundup

Steel cut oats in the crock potThe greenest dollar has a great article on making steel cut oats in the crock pot. Since I am working alot of mornings now, and don’t have the same kind of time off anymore, I needed a way to get my oat on, without watching the pot for half an hour. I have not tried this yet, but I will be putting my oats on the pot in about an hour. I’ll let you know how they go!

Even better yet, he uses a kill-a-watt to measure the power consumption in cooking the oats. No spoilers here, go read the article.

What is TimeBanking – This was sent over to me by jillian. This is is a great idea. The gist is, you do something for someone (paint their fence, fix their computer, etc.) and in return, someone does an hour of work for you. I would TOTALLY do this! This is the best!

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