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Coupon Stacking from the Coupon Sherpa

coupon_stacking.jpg From Jeff over at Coupon Sherpa:

The idea of coupon stacking is: combining store coupons, manufacturers’ coupons, and possibly other rebates and offers to save big on weekly sales.

Stop by The Coupon Sherpa and check out their latest offering on Coupon Stacking

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Discount Gift Cards at Gift Card Granny

Just in case you missed my post on what a bad idea gift cards are, you might want to check here.

I seems like alot of people are finding the same thing. Rather than take the heat on a card they may not use, recipients of these unwieldy gifts are now selling them online at great discounts.

From Jeff C.:

“With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, gift card sales are booming as usual. It’s estimated that 3 in 10 shoppers will pick up gift cards for Dad, adding up to 1.2 BILLION in spending. Though they make a great last-minute gift, a staggering number of gift cards are never even used. There’s an estimated $40 BILLION in unclaimed gift cards collecting dust in US homes right this moment. What to do? Gift Card Granny, a leading resource for the buying and selling of discounted gift cards, has compiled an exhaustive list of merchants who offer cards, and provided details on just how much you can get back via each of the top online gift card resellers.

Some are offering as high as 80% of the card’s original value! Check out the full list and make sure Dad’s gifts don’t go to waste this year.”

Check Out the Gift Card Granny

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Frying up McDonald’s French Fries in your Kitchen

Serious Eats had a great article the other day on making McDonald’s french fries at home. Other than being very bad for your health (really? are they?) it is a very thorough treatment on something that I have always wondered about.

Now, what I would like to do is calculate how much cheaper it is to make them at home. I am sure the answer would be ‘much.’ But it seems like it would be more responsible to cook them at home. Maybe I’ll crank the numbers when I have time.

For the full article, check here.

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From Coupon Sherpa – Sell my Body

Okay, I got this a little while ago from Coupon Sherpa. While this was written with tongue firmly in cheek, it does have some interesting points. Pay close attention to the warnings on this one.

The full article is available here.